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It looks like some new strangers have joined this lovely family.

Welcome, friends. Welcome to the madness.

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WTNV 2nd Anniversary Live Show | Facebook

Because you never know who else is listening

I figured why not get organized about this. It seemed logical. Perhaps see who it is you’ll be sitting next you, brainstorm cosplay ideas, see if anyone has an extra ticket.

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your cat. Tell the moon.

Tell people, and join. Join us.

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oh my fucking god

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If I were dating you I would take you to a tea house where kettles and pots lined the walls and the old wooden table was too small for us and yet the perfect size. I'd watch you over the rim of my cup as you told me stories. Then I'd take you to a florist shop, where I'd let you walk around while I bought you your favorite flower while you weren't looking. And every night when we'd depart I'd kiss you goodbye where you preferred, and wish you sweet dreams.




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IN WHICH TUMBLR USER BONJOURxRENAE WISHES SHE COULD HANG OUT WITH TUMBLR USER THEGOTHDETECTIV MORE (and you are loved shut up I would share my easter candy with you if I could)

ohmygOD renae youuuu HNNNNNG ;A;
I fucking miss you guys so much

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Drop a “If I were dating you…” In my ask.


Studying, send me some. 

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WTNV 2nd Anniversary Live Show

A second show has been added for those who missed getting tickets to the first one

Rejoice in the child labor that will be used to clean the theater between sets
Rejoice in the fact that half of your will be cloned at some point that night
Rejoice in the ghost that will be rubbing his face on yours during the show

Tickets will be on sale FRIDAY APRIL 25 @ NOON EST

Go HERE before sales open to get the link to purchase said ticket

The second show starts at 10pm on Wednesday, June 4th

Good luck, my friends. Good luck and kill all those in competition. Be victorious so no one else is.