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How to, step-by-step, make expressions mean different things by changing just one facial feature at a time. *shrug* I’m not very good at explaining how I do expressions, I just…feel out what kinds of muscles seem to fit and tweak those. And sometimes, ever so slightly, little adjustments could mean the difference between fury and euphoria. 


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/// For more VISUAL INSPIRATION in illustration, graphic design, packaging, art and a lot more … just follow HOPLOID ON TUMBLR
Thank You! ///

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just a small sample of the MANY beautiful hand/arm refs by the ridiculously gifted 0 0 3 3

(from 個人的、手前に来る指とコントローラーを持った手。 &&  手の苦手な人の為に specifically)

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Eye tutorial by: ChyoNemuri

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If you ever want to piss yourself off as an artist, esp in the name of self improvement, go ahead and draw a bunch hands/feet/foreshortening.

You can see my first shit attempt there at a hand and getting a little less sketchy as i go on and get more confident i think???

I guess that’s the nice thing about being an artist though. As cheesy as it sounds, it really does take practice, self motivation, and working through your mishaps to get better!! There’s no faking it, no amount of money or expensive materials that can really improve your skills like HARD WORK can!! So yeah!! :D

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Will be returning December 13
There is a queue, but it won’t last the full five months
Goodbye friends

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Inspirational pokemon photos.

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Hi there! I'm a bit late catchin up on CTCon stuff, but I was Ema Skye on Friday!! It was so great talking to you and mEETING MORE AA PEEPS IS GREAT WOWOWOW!!! 8DD How was your CTCon?

Omigosh hey!!! I had a great con ugh it was fantastic - yours? Also yes mORE ACE ATTORNEY

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Some of Jinx-star's human anatomy studyes 

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"…and Charles also says I’m a miracle." 

Yes, Erik is bragging about how much Charles loves him.